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ISTS 2014

November 19 - 21, 2014Taipei, Taiwan
1. Do I need to include my photo (and my co-authors’ photos) in the full paper?
Yes, author photos are a required part of the ISTS 2014 papers. You may include up to four (4) author photos at the end of your paper. Author photos beyond the first 4 authors can be omitted.
2. Can I get an extension of my paper/abstract?
The ISTS 2014 conference is divided into two tracks: (1) Taiwan track, and (2) Japan and international track. The Taiwan track is extended to July 15th, while the Japan and international track is not. If you are from Japan and countries other than Taiwan, please send inquiries regarding your papers to
3. Are abstracts also extended to July 15th? (Taiwan track only)
Yes, abstracts and full papers (as well as copyright transfer forms) are all extended to July 15th.
4. 學生請公假方式 (For NTUT Students)
本校參加研討會報告的學生均可請公假兩天,工作人員則視實際狀況請假,可從校園入口網站進入學務系統-學生請假系統請假-個人公假申請(請假原因註明-參加2014ISTS研討會(for 報告學生)或擔任2014ISTS研討會工作人員(for 工作人員),最後列印請假單送工程學院(一教二樓)找徐寶崇先生核章,以上請參考。
5. Poster 海報尺寸
海報尺寸規定為80cm寬 x 120cm高。