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ISTS 2014

November 19 - 21, 2014Taipei, Taiwan
Call for Paper

ISTS 2014是專門為大學部學生所舉辦的研討會,因此投稿者必須具備大學部學生身分(現為大學部學生但11月研討會時成為研究生者亦可),老師可以擔任共同作 者,但是老師和研究生本身請勿投稿。投稿獲得接受者11月19-20日研討會時須以英文發表簡報。本研討會設多個主題,是綜合式的國際研討會,歡迎各界踴躍投稿(一律以英文撰寫)。

Undergraduate students are invited to submit abstracts before July 1, 2014 (advisors could be co-authors). Format of the abstract can be downloaded from the ISTS 2014 symposium website. Acceptance notice will be sent to respective authors by the middle of August of 2014. The due date for extended summaries in the symposium booklet and full papers in the symposium proceedings is the end of September of 2014. At least one of the accepted paper authors is required to register and to present the paper at the symposium.

THEMES領域 詳細領域
Applied Physics
Applied Physical Properties, Crystal Engineering, Thin Film/Surface/Interfacial Physical Properties, Applied Optics, Quantum Optical Engineering, General Applied Physics, Basic Engineering
Applied Science
Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Functional Chemistry of Physical Properties, Synthetic Chemistry, High Polymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biological Chemistry
Business, e-Business, Business Management, Business Administration
Civil/Architectural Engineering
Civil Engineering, Materials/Execution/Construction Management, Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Maintenance Management Engineering, Soil Engineering, Water Control Science, Traffic Engineering, Land Planning, Civil Engineering Environmental System, Building Construction/Materials, Architectural Environment/Equipment, City Planning/Architectural Planning, Architectural History/Design
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electric Power Engineering, Electric Equipment Engineering, Electron/Electric Material Engineering, Electronic Device, Electronic Equipment, Communication/Network Engineering, System Engineering, Measurement Engineering, Control Engineering
Environmental Science and Technology
Environmental Dynamic Analysis, Environmental Influence Valuation/Environmental Policy, Radiation/Chemical Substance Influence Science, Environmental Technology/Environmental Materials
Information Technology
Basic Informatics, Software, Computer System/Network, Media Informatics/Database, Intelligent Informatics, Perception Information Processing/Intelligent Robotics, Sensitivity Informatics/Soft Computing, Information Library Science/Humanistic Social Informatics, Cognitive Science, Statistical Science, Bio-informatics/Life Informatics
Integrated Engineering
Ship Marine Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Earth/Resources System Engineering, Recycling Engineering, Nuclear Fusion Studies, Nuclear Engineering, Energy Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Machine Materials, Material Mechanics, Production Engineering, Processing Studies, Design Engineering, Machine Functional Elements/Tribology, Fluidics, Thermal Engineering, Machine Mechanics/Control, Intelligent Mechanics/Mechanical System
Materials Engineering
Metallic Physical Properties, Inorganic Materials/Physical Properties, Composite Materials/Physical Properties, Structural/Functional Materials, Material Processing/Treatment, Metallic Production Engineering
Nano Technology
Nano Structural Science, Nano Materials/Nano Bioscience, Micro/Nano Device
Process Engineering
Chemical Engineering Properties/Transfer Operation/Unit Operation, Reaction Engineering/Process System, Catalyst/Resource Chemical Process, Bio-Function/Bioprocess
Humanities and Social Sciences
Culture and Literary Application, Language, Intellectual Property, Education, Social Studies
Other Related Fields